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Neopost’s powerful online shipping solutions, NeoShip BASIC and NeoShip PLUS, ensure full IM®pb compliance from the USPS® for all your package shipping requirements.

– Qualifies users for Commercial Base Pricing
– Offers consolidated view of all shipments
– Creates detailed shipment history, operator shipment, transactions reports
– Gives you free address correction services and insurance coverage



– Supports USPS® First Class Package Service™, Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express™, Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A1-A2, B1-B2, Library Mail and Media Mail
– USPS® Extra Services including: USPS® Tracking™, Signature Confirmation™, Insurance, Adult Signature Required, Adult Signature Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt, Electronic Return Receipt and Restricted Delivery
– Web Tracking
– Address Book
– Address Verification
– Postage Refunds (when applicable)
– USPS® Pickup Request/Cancel Shipment
– Thermal Label Printer Support
– Rich reporting capabilities


NeoShip PLUS

– All the features of NeoShip BASIC
– Address Book Import
– Proof of Delivery (POD)
– Roles & Privileges Management
– Support for USB Scales



– All of the features of NeoShip PLUS
– Single-Screen Interface
– Batch Processing Capability
– Convenient Address Groups



Keeping the lines of communication open with customers is one area where businesses may fall short, not by any fault of their own. Much of it is due to incorrect addresses and lost packages in the mailing and shipping stream. These lost packages result in unaccounted mailing costs and unhappy customers. Besides eroding the bottom line, the expense of not communicating with a customer is even greater – it diminishes loyalty.Customers expect their packages to arrive on time, therefore, you should expect a simple solution to process your mail and save money. Don’t settle for anything less.The powerful analytics of EMS offer an assortment of tools designed to manage costs and build customer relationships. This technology can analyze your company’s mail and shipping operations and pinpoint incorrect addresses, lost packages and identify where money is being wasted. The address correction feature eliminates many of the problems that lead to returned and misdirected deliveries, delayed deliveries and address correction fees. Additionally, EMS helps you manage and allocate costs by account, carrier, special service and operator productivity.


Smart Shipping Choices Are Just A Click Away
Enterprise Shipping System (ESS) is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based shipping application that enables users to make smart shipping choices. The functionality allows users to choose a carrier at the best price and create shipments straight from their desktop – no matter where the user is located. Important factors such as delivery service options, service fees and rates are often not considered when packages are shipped. Without the right tools to determine the most cost effective method, employees are not aware that they have choices. Neopost’s ESS solution helps employees avoid unnecessary spending, which can cost businesses 30% to 40% more per package – thousands or even millions of dollars over time.
Business Processes You Can Rely On
Running a smooth business takes the right people, the right processes and the right systems, no matter what you are managing. Having the right business rules in place can only make your job easier. One area many businesses find challenging is allocating shipping costs to the appropriate cost center, project or department. Neopost’s ESS application can overcome this accounting hurdle by aligning with your accounting system and capturing transaction details so every shipment cost is allocated where you want it.
We Create the Technology So You Don’t Have To
Complying with the industry’s changing regulations can be a challenge, but non-compliance with current carrier mandated rules and rates can cost money and delay deliveries. With ESS’s cloud technology, companies avoid the expense of licensing fees, installing software, the need to invest in hardware, maintenance and IT support. ESS automatically ensures customers are compliant and enforces your company’s business rules – a key benefit of cloud computing. ESS is configurable, ensuring service restrictions and use of contract rates; higher cost service options are eliminated all together.
Real-Time Address Validation
Roughly 17% of all U.S. business and residential addresses change each year; incorrect address fees of $12 or more can add up quickly. Neopost’s ESS application utilizes a USPS® CASS™ Certified™ database ensuring accurate validation for each shipment by correcting and updating the recipient address book every time a shipment is made.Easy To Use
Deploying across the enterprise has never been easier. The user interface was designed with the shipping novice in mind. A simple one-screen process allows even the occasional shipper to use with minimal effort.


Additional Benefits

• Single sign-on (optional)
• No restrictions on number of users or sites
• Cloud-based shipping directly over the Internet
• No local software to install*
• Easy-to-use intuitive user interface
• Corporate and local address books
• Automated address correction
• Compare DHL®, FedEx®, UPS®, USPS® packages services
• Reduce unauthorized shipping costs for personal use or misuse
• Scale interface for accurate weighing and package rating (optional)
• Advanced shipment email notifications
• Online package tracking
• Centralized reporting
• Allocate costs by account or cost center for every shipment*Requires scale app installed on local machine when adding scale option