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HF60 / PF60

The HF/PF60 Document Folder is an easy-to-use solution for virtually all folding applications. Fast and dependable, it offers six popular, clearly marked folds for quick set-up and operation. Simply slide the fold stop to the desired fold and go. Easy adjustment can be made to process a variety of precision folds including letter, z-fold, single, gate, fold out and double parallel folds.


M1500 / DS-35

The new M1500 / DS-35 Office Friendly Folder Inserter Solution simplifies and automates a variety of low-volume folding and inserting office mailings such as daily invoices, monthly statement runs, legal documents and other mailings. Any small office or department within a company can benefit from this solution. Some key features are…

– State-of-the-art full color touch screen
– 15 programmable jobs
– 2 sheet and 1 insert/BRE feeders
– No. 10 up to 6 x 9.5 envelopes
– secure’n feed double detection
– Cascade or linking feeding for continuous processing, when one feeder empties, the next one automatically starts
– Semi-automatic feed mode up to 5 sheets
– Tip-to-tip sealing
– Small footprint


M3300 / DS-63

Tired of the tedious task of folding, stuffing and sealing envelopes by hand? The M3300/DS-63 Folder/Inserter is the easy-to-use, economical solution. It can collate, fold, insert and seal up to five inserts in a single pass. The M3300/DS-63 simplifies the process so virtually anyone can handle the task quickly and efficiently – up to 20 times faster than manual processing!

– Extremely quiet – works right from the desktop without disrupting business.
– Easy to use – automatic job set-up wizard.
– Flexible – three configurations to fit your specific needs
– High capacity – FlexFeed tray holds up to 325 sheets
– Programmable – pre-program up to nine different jobs for quick recall
– Versatile – handles various paper sizes


M5500 / DS-75

The M5500/DS-75 Folder Inserter system is the ideal productivity tool for any office or mailroom environment thanks to its unique low level noise and compact footprint. It draws its strengths from the successes of its predecessor with several enhancements providing additional value in key areas. The M5500/DS-75 can process a wide variety of mail pieces for direct marketing efforts, campaigns, invoicing, monthly statements and virtually any other application your company can or will do.

– High capacity document feeder holding up to 725 sheets of 20 lb. paper
– High capacity vertical stacker holding up to 500 envelopes
– Support for barcode reading in personalizing transactional and marketing mail
– New graphical color touch screen designed for novice users
– Semi-automatic envelope separation setup
– Sealing liquid level detection
– Automated sealing capability


M8500 / DS-85

The M8500/DS-85 Folder Inserter is a powerful machine that can adapt to your growing business needs. With its modular design, your investment is protected, and you can rest assured knowing that your M8500/DS-85 can support all types of mail folding applications

– flexFeed® technology – load any size document in each of the 6 feeders
– With powerFold®, you can crisply and silently fold up to 10 pages in single fold and 8 pages in tri-fold
– Linked feeding allows for continuous feeding of up to 2,900 sheets
– Avoid stoppages and maximize efficiency with the intelliDeck
– 5.7” super bright Reversible full-color touch screen for easy job set-up using a wizard approach
– Add optional 1D, 2D Barcode and/or Optical Market Reading Solution with a special reading scanner to ensure each recipient gets their correct documents
– Standard High Capacity Vertical Stacker to increase your productivity by holding up to 500 finished envelopes
– Standard carrier envelope hopper holds 500 envelopes
– Programmable – pre-program up to nine different jobs for quick recall
– Optional High Capacity Document Feeder holds 725 sheets


M8800i / DS-90i

The M8800i/DS-90i Folder Inserter is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Extensive features such as powerFold® and flexFeed® technology combine with a modular design to bring you unmatched levels of productivity and flexibility. The M8800i/DS-90i is easy to use, with a 10.4” super bright color touch screen and swappable feeders for continuous operation.

– flexFeed® technology give you the ability to handle any document size or paper type
– With powerFold®, you can crisply and silently fold up to 10 pages in single fold and 8 pages in tri-fold
– Add optional1D, 2D Barcode and/or Optical Market Reading Solution to ensure each recipient gets their correct documents
– Reversible full-color touchscreen for ultimate ease of use
– Configurable from two to seven stations and totally upgradeable
– High capacity carrier envelope hopper holds 500 envelopes with optional 1000 envelope capacity
– High capacity document feeder holds 725 sheets
– Versafeeder holds up to 500 BRE envelopes
– Feeder linking allows for continuous document feeding of up to 3,125 sheets



The PS/DS200 is a powerful solution that has an advanced modular design that is designed to grow with your needs. Hasler engineers took a hard look at mail centers around the world. Then they designed this advanced folding and inserting system that can be customized to meet the workflow requirements of the widest range of mailing applications including flats. You’ll find practical innovation everywhere you look:

– Powerful and intuitive with an unlimited job memory
– Auto-setup eliminates hours of manual adjustments
– A unique all-inclusive scanning module reads almost any type of document coding
– Landscape insertion offering higher speeds and lower envelope costs
– 15” touchscreen user interface reaches new heights in user-friendliness



Designed to operate at the highest practical speed and efficiency, The PS/DS 1200 processes up to 12,000 envelopes per hour – streamlining the entire mailing process, from input to throughput to output, even during peak or rush times. The high-capacity sheet feeder and vertical envelope reception stacker enables you to maintain the highest level of operational productivity even for your most demanding mail processing jobs.

– Fully configurable system can be expanded with the appropriate modules to meet your new requirements
– Automatic job change enables the user to complete a wide variety of applications
– Streamline your mail processing with a wide range of document and insert feeders to create precisely the correct configuration to suit the needs of your organization
– HEasy job configuration by selecting a new job on the large touch screen display, saving you valuable setup time on new and recurring applications