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Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus

Key Features

– 30,000 Postcards/hr
– 1.5″ of Print From One Print Module
– 3/16″ Thickness Capability
– Clutch-Control Integrated Feeder
– Extended Material Hopper
– High Speed USB 2.0 Port

This formidable little machine can churn out some serious productivity. The 1.5 Plus has an extended hopper that can hold a whole box of #10 envelopes (500) at a time. It can also take materials up to a class-leading 3/16” thick. The sleek control panel and professional grade color scheme lets you know that this printer means business.


Envelope Imager 2.5

Key Features

– 2.5″ of Print From Two Print Modules
– 30,000 Postcards/hr
– Clutch-Control Integrated Feeder
– Electronic Thickness Control (1/4″)
– High Speed USB 2.0 Port
– Very Affordable!

The versatile Envelope Imager 2.5 is a truly wonderful machine. Offering production printer stats with a price tag of an entry-level printer, it is tough to beat. With a feed system that has THREE rows of high grip rollers and the capacity for materials up to 1/4″ thick, it can handle any job. The key feature here is the split 3+2 printhead configuration that allows mailers to address and return addresses and indicia at the same time – a quantum leap in useable print area from the entry-level set of products.


Key Features

– Fixed head technology
– Adjustable registration eliminates skewing
– Vacuum transport
– Electronic height adjustment
– HP® inkjet technology
– TrueType font compatibility

The HJ/AS980 is a full-featured, high volume, large capacity addressing solution that has the ability to take on any challenge with reliability and outstanding results. It features a large 3″ print area and three independent print modules which give you the option to print addresses, attention lines, postal barcodes, return addresses and indicia on a mailpiece at the same time. The multi-channel vacuum transport has repositionable outer transport belts and material guides that can be customized to keep pieces in place and ensure perfect registration every time. The HJ/AS980 is perfect for production-level environments.